Updated: Dec 03, 2018

College password reset:

You can reset your college password online (a text will be sent to the phone number on your account). If you need help or don't have access to this phone, please visit the IT Help Desk in the Learning Commons or call 2470 on campus.

Library password reset:

You can use your normal college account to access library online resources (like articles or ebooks).

However, the library uses a different account system to renew items.  If you want to view the items checked out to you or renew anything, you must log in with your library account - instructions here.  You can reset your library password online or ask library staff for help.


Additional CSS to remove default "Type a question" bar from this page only

Javascript to change title tag in <head> - otherwise the display name in browser tab will show <a href> link code because <title> is set by default to the h1 header, which we are manually linking back to root. This is not a user-modifiable setting in LibAnswers so we have to change it after the fact. The <head> tag loads before this javascript so it's set to run immediately rather than waiting for page to load. Change occurs basically instantaneously - users won't notice.

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