Updated: Dec 03, 2018

QR codes are barcodes that contain information. They allow printed material to 'link' to a website when you scan the code with a smartphone.

Both iOS and Android now have built-in support for QR codes - your phone will automatically recognize the code and give you the link, when you scan the code with your camera app.

You can also download a QR code app from your app store if you wish.

Additional CSS to remove default "Type a question" bar from this page only

Javascript to change title tag in <head> - otherwise the display name in browser tab will show <a href> link code because <title> is set by default to the h1 header, which we are manually linking back to root. This is not a user-modifiable setting in LibAnswers so we have to change it after the fact. The <head> tag loads before this javascript so it's set to run immediately rather than waiting for page to load. Change occurs basically instantaneously - users won't notice.

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