Updated: Dec 05, 2018

Books in the general collection can be renewed once - this means you can have the book for 4 weeks in total. At the end of the 4 weeks, if you want to keep it longer, you can bring it back to the library and staff may check it out to you again, if no one else is waiting for it.

For more information, our loan rules are here

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Javascript to change title tag in <head> - otherwise the display name in browser tab will show <a href> link code because <title> is set by default to the h1 header, which we are manually linking back to root. This is not a user-modifiable setting in LibAnswers so we have to change it after the fact. The <head> tag loads before this javascript so it's set to run immediately rather than waiting for page to load. Change occurs basically instantaneously - users won't notice.

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